Though the Olympic games are over, but the news from this world war of sports still come pouring. Olympic is the greatest test of quality for all those who contribute directly or indirectly, along with players, in the success of the greatest sports event on the earth. Be it the players, support staff or the sports equipment manufacturer, only the best survives.


3d printed leg, rio 2016, olympic, prosthetic


This year, a German leg amputee, Denise Schindler had participated in the cycling event with a 3D printed prosthetic leg in the Rio Paralympics.


3d printed leg, rio 2016, Olympic, prosthetic


3d printed leg, Rio 2016, Olympic, prosthetic

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3d printed leg, Rio 2016, Olympic, prosthetic


Earlier also we discussed medical applications of the 3D Printing technology in the field of prosthetic & what a great day for 3D Printing enthusiast as Olympic demands only the very best & 2012 London Paralympics silver medalist decided to go with 3D Printing technology for this year’s Rio Paralympics.


Video Courtesy: Dezeen